Ageliki [ΑγγελικΗ]

Ageliki [ΑγγελικΗ]
(1970- )
Nationality: gr Greece

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I am Ageliki (ΑγγελικΗ) from Greece. None of my studies completed me till I started painting. Art is my main occupation for the last 7 years. My studio is located at Mitika Prevezis, a small paradise by the sea at western Greece.
I love to paint beauty, wherever I can find it. Although modern trends suggest I should focus on specific themes, I paint what I feel to, avoiding labels. I also can’t restrict my need to express myself through a specific style every time. Instead, I try different ways, from classicism to abstract. I even though of trying Byzantine hagiography, and that’s what I’m studying the last few months.
I use mostly oil colors, though a few times I start a theme with acrylics. I keep looking, searching, experimenting since I believe that art, as much as every kind of knowledge, is an internal and eternal processing. My paintings are on stretched canvas, so you can hang them as soon as you get them, unless you want to put a frame. When you buy a painting from me, you get a unique, original, signed artwork. My artworks can be found at private collections at Australia, USA, Middle East and of course at my homeland, Greece.
If you wish to place an order but you hesitate cause you are not familir with private websites, my artworks are also available through Saatchi Art Gallery- Just look for "Ageliki"!

1989-91: Fashion Designing at Dimitrellis Organization (Thessaloniki, Greece)
2002-06: Preschool Education at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece
2006-07: e-Marketing at CPE, Samos, Greece
2007-09: Sociology at Ionian Univercity, Mytilini, Greece


Article - Interview -Presentation

Presentation (Greek language)

Presentation (Greek language)

Presentation: The Healing Power of ART

“Art is a way to present beauty of the world, denature darkness and fill it with colours. Art opens the way to light.” Website:

2015 December

My own paradise!

"Women in Art 278" Magazine, July 2016, Issue IV, Volume III

Team Exhibition 29/11/2014 - 14/12/2014, Gallery Leandros Spartiotis, Preveza, Greece

September 2017

Skia the Siberian- Her name means "shadow".


Exhibition 21/6/2014 - 6/7/2014, Gallery Leandros Spartiotis, Preveza, Greece

August 2017

When I paint, I always have the feeling someone watches me.... Stalkers!!! ^-^


Team Exhibition 2/11/2013 - 24/11/2013, Gallery Leandros Spartiotis, Preveza, Greece

December 2015

My Siberian cat, Selini. Her name means "moon" in Greek language. She and 2 other siberians keep me good and silent company when I paint at nights...
From my laptop's camera- Not a clear shoot :/

Interview 23/6/2014

Artist Value Certification - by AKOUN

Artist Value Certification - by AKOUN

Team Exhibition 15/12/2012 - 13/1/2013, Gallery Leandros Spartiotis, Preveza, Greece

June 2015

The lady behind me is "Nuda Veritas". Changed a lot since then....

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