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This artwork hyped up not only my five senses but my imagination as well. I travelled in worlds that I always wanted to be.. Thank you

Dionysis | Apr 12, 2019

Amazing and awesome was a treat to my eyes your magical fingers....

Thiru | Dec 19, 2018

Truly Amazing work, I wish you much continued success

Brendan McDaid | Dec 2, 2018

Dear Ageliki you are big talent, your work is excellent. Congratulations!

Mikrom | Nov 4, 2018

I'm amazed by your beautiful artwork!!! Your paintings are truly magical!!! You are a master of your art!!!

Mirsini charalampidou | Sep 29, 2018

You have a unique vision & talent Agelilki. I think there is a sense of the mystical embedded in many of your figurative and naturalistic paintings...simply sublime!

Dominic Windram | Sep 29, 2018

You have a unique vision & talent Ageliki. I detect a sense of the mystical embedded in many of your figurative and naturalistic paintings.... simply sublime work.!

Dominic Windram | Sep 29, 2018

You are an artist with serious skills for sure!!!

Bill Compeau | Sep 26, 2018

Very beautiful work, amazing to be honest

Paul Francis | Sep 23, 2018

you an Amazing talent, inside of your Mind takes Faith for Everything, Strong, Love ,Making Traveling on 12 Dimensions.If you want to get the Infinity you have to Know the Finite in all Dimensions of.

Jim Grigorakis | Jun 21, 2018

Angeliki you are big talent on what you are doing ..... keep working hard and successful is for sure ..... keep walking ....... and all the best ?

Doros | Jun 18, 2018

In many Ageliki’s Works I notice — at first — hints of John Constable and William Turner — two of my favourite Artists ever… But there is also something more subtle, enriched… between Metaphysical and Figurative…

Stefano Gambetta | Jun 17, 2018

Dear Aggeliki, I am amazed to look at your wonderful paintings. My congratulation. Wish you all the best and keep the good work.

Dr. Saad Al-Dewani | May 19, 2018

Dear Aggeliki, it is amazing that you begun as self-training and now you became a proffessional one!!! Many congragulations on your extraordinary work!!! Keep walking!!! Keep creating!!! Keep amazing us!!!!

Maria Gkavezou | Feb 14, 2018

I look your paintings one by one and i wanna tell you that your thematology, the way you compine the colours, touches my soul. The whole work arouses gentleness, grace and fineness.Oh yes, i am happy that one of your paintings is already mine and i am really looking forward my portrait.

Tania Gavezou | Feb 13, 2018

Great job... These paintings are excellent- especially the portraits- .Knowing that you are a self-taught painter, they get even mote value...Keep going!!!

John | Feb 8, 2018

Congratulations Ageliki!! I already have two paintings from you and I'm thankful for your excellent work!! Your talent is obvious!!!

Alexia | Feb 8, 2018

You are really special, your soul is in the sea full of love for the humans! The faces you paint are best than in reality. Happy to know you!!!!!

Vasiliki Sklirou | Feb 1, 2018

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