"The stars above" (2017)

15.6x35.2x0.8 in ~ Painting, Oil

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"The stars above" by Ageliki, 39,5X89,5cm, oil on streched canvas, "A World Beyond" Collection
"A World Beyond" series, is about myths, folklore, concepts and fairytales. Knowledge lost in the depths of time and modern science's persistent and permanent noise. But every now and then, sparkles emerge from the human gene memory, making people wondering for hidden truths.

NEREIS or Nerines were Nereus daughters were regarded by the ancients as marine nymphs of the Mediterranean, in contra-distinction from the Naiades, or the nymphs of fresh water, and the Oceanides, or the nymphs of the great ocean. They are described as lovely divinities, and dwelling with their father at the bottom of the sea, and they were believed to be propitious to all sailors, and especially to the Argonauts. They were worshipped in several parts of Greece, but more especially in sea-port towns such as Cardamyle and on the Isthmus of Corinth. The epithets given them by the poets refer partly to their beauty and partly to their place of abode.
Six asteroids were named after 6 nereids and that’s exactly my painting’s theme:
EUNIKE: The Nereid of "fine victory" in a martime sense (Hesiod, Apollodorus). (Eunice, Asteroid 185)
EUKRANTE: The Nereid of "successful" voyages or fishing (Hesiod, Apollodorus). (Eucrante, Asteroid 247)
MENIPPE: The Nereid of "strong horses," that is, strong waves (Hesiod). (Menippe, asteroid 188)
MELITE: The Nereid of "calm" seas. (Hesiod, Homer, Apollodorus, Hyginus, Virgil) (Melite, asteroid 676)
DYNAMENE: The Nereid of the sea's "power" (Hesiod, Homer, Apollodorus, Hyginus). (Dynamene, asteroid 200)
EUDORA: The Nereid of the "fine gifts" or the sea. (Hesiod, Apollodorus) (Eudora, asteroid 217)

The painting is on streched canvas
Varnished and signed

Ready to hang (though it would look great with a frame}
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